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We understand your needs and offer you the latest technology of a dual-core processor to keep your operations smooth and uninterrupted without any hassle. A dual-core processor is a central processing unit (CPU) that has two separate cores on the same die, each with its own cache and two microprocessors in one. In a dual-core processor, each core handles incoming data strings simultaneously to improve efficiency. Just as two heads are better than one, so are two hands. When one core is executing, the other can be accessing the system bus or executing its own code.
An attractive value of dual-core processors is that they do not require new motherboards but can be used in existing boards that feature the correct sockets. For the average user, the difference in performance will be most noticeable during multi-tasking, until more software is SMT aware. Servers that are running multiple dual-core processors will see an appreciable increase in performance.